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Welcome to SporT

SporT has been build to make sport available and reachable for everyone.

It will mix real emotions of participating in a football game with virtual reality, to transfer real feelings no mater where you are. Using latest technology you will not be able to only see a player with your own eyes but as well to have an interaction with them.

Thanks to SporT token you will not only be able to support your favourite team, vote for best players but as well in future porches physical goods across the world.

One Currency One world All Sports.


About SporT

It is home to more than two million players worldwide who is he gaming industry and SporT mobile application developed by blockchain technology to ensure that their players earn income by earning tokens and SporT receives in-app award we provide the right to use tokens on exchanges and donation platforms.

Mobile platforms in the first quarter of 2024 will be released on SporT mobile with the application, users will earn SporT earned in-app users can transfer their rewards to their wallets & in-app he can make payments to institutions and organizations that will be constantly renewed.

What we will do?

SporT Functionality

Watch your favourite team playing Games

Vote for the best player

Support your team

Sponsor your future SporT star

Purchase Tickets to your sport events

Purchase original goods of your favorite team


Token Allocation

Advisory Board
Seed Investros
Strtegic Acquisitions
User Base
Emergence and design

Roadmap of SporT

Q1 2024 phase 1

Official Launch of SporT site with unique features and collaboration with Athletes from Europe.

Q2 2024 phase 2

Announcement of official SporT ambassador. Continue to build SporT collaboration program.

Q4 2024 phase 3

Announcement of key business partners that contribute to one vision.

Q1 2025 phase 4

VR game watch. New solution allowing watching a full real time Game using VR equipment.

Q2 2025 phase 5

Launch of SporT International shop that will allow buying physical items with SporT token.

Q1 2026 phase 6

Future Development strategy’s even.

buy SporT

How to BUY ?

Contract Address : 0x33778e87931EA8Ee5B66776201533e40DdDE1267

  • 1

    Download trust wallet/mestamask wallet

    Simply visit trustwallet.com & download the application.
    The app is secure and widely used in the DeFi market.
    Remember to never share your seed phrase!
  • 2

    Enable Browser

    Go to DApps & click on PancakeSwap.
    Go to Safari and type in the URL:trust:browser_enable Open in Trust Wallet & you all set
  • 3

    Fund Your Wallet

    Purchase BNB or BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to fund your wallet.
    Those coins are used in the Binance Smart Chain.
  • 4

    Swap for SporT

    Go to DApps & Click PancakeSwap.
    This is an exchange that allows users to Swap BNB with other DeFi tokens.
    Click currency & enter the token address.

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